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Investor of 4 years and Managing Editor of Money Midnight, a news outlet focused on highly profitable investment ideas and bold underground research.

Microsoft (MSFT) in talks of acquiring TikTok

Microsoft (MSFT) in talks of acquiring TikTok
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) shares rose slightly Friday following multiple media reports that it is in talks to buy TikTok because President Donald Trump is set to order the Chinese owner of the dance app, ByteDance, to divest his ownership of TikTok ‘s U.S. operations Microsoft’s stock rose around $2 after Bloomberg first published the story, but closed $1.11, or 0.5 percent, when the Wall Street Journal and others followed with identical stories at $205.01, citing sources familiar with the negotiations. Wedbush Securities said…

Is Snowflake IPO really worth it?

Snowflake IPO
The Snowflake IPO is an highly anticipated tech listing of the year. The company is listing amid growing investor interest, with many seeking to buy shares in the cloud computing tech startup sooner rather than later. However, Frank Slootman –…

Wirecard down 26%, should you buy?

Wirecard has seen a steep decrease in share price after insider news broke that they have been defrauding investors with misleading and shady accounting tactics. Yet some investors think it’s still a worthy investment. It’s been noticed since way back…

Urban One (UONE): Massively soars another +50%

Urban One (UONE): Massively soars another +50%
ABOUT Urban One, Inc. is a Silver Spring, Maryland-based American media conglomerate. Founded in 1980 by Cathy Hughes, the company primarily operates media properties targeting African Americans. Urban One (UONE) up +50% It seems to be benefiting from a perfect…