DarkPulse: The Potential Leader in Infrastructure Safety

DarkPulse’s Tech Infrastructure

DarkPulse (OTCMKTS: DPLS) is a potential leader in advanced laser sensor systems which utilize data streams to better understand the health of the infrastructure.

This sensor technology can monitor and inspect problems before they occur. There is a wide variety of applications such as pipeline, mining, oil, and gas infrastructure.

Preventing mistakes, detecting corrosion, and damaged infrastructure before it presents itself will save companies a sizable amount of money. There is no reason why companies building critical infrastructure would not want this technology from DarkPulse.

Recent Intended Acquisitions of DarkPulse

DarkPulse has set out to acquire majority stakes in Remote Intelligence and Wildlife Specialists, primarily because these two corporations offer integrated capabilities with drone-based 3D-modelled mapping technology for an impeccable amount of industry applications.

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Aerial service technology is important when scouting out the area parameters. It can also be used for video surveillance, emergency response systems, habitat surveys, design, training, and more for private and commercial industries and clients.

The acquisition will cost a total of $1,300,000 with 1,000,000 coming from cash, and $300,000 will be paid in the common stock of DarkPulse. This will result in 60% ownership in both Remote Intelligence as well as 60% of Wildlife Specialists, its sister company. Acquisitions such as these are necessary for growth, especially for smaller corporations like DarkPulse.

The Affects on Future Growth

This new 3D-modelled mapping and inspection service technology can provide key pieces to DarkPulse’s long-term strategy by widening its capabilities for all industries.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to the use cases of this proposed acquisition. It will form a more apparent vision and outlook for the companies involved and where they will stand in these various industries worldwide.

Competitive Advantages

This will undoubtedly create an incredible and hard to disrupt product and service line-up from DarkPulse because they can merge their sensors and drone visual assets to make a system that will respond to corrosion of pipelines, safety concerns in mines, and oil and gas pressure or temperature buildups before any substantial damage has taken place.

Since DarkPulse is a potential leader in sensor solutions, this acquisition will increase its potential by many folds, creating a more diversified portfolio, and raising shareholder confidence along with it.

There are many markets yet to be served these technology solutions, DarkPulse may be able to capitalize on that in the coming years.

What’s Next

We may see DarkPulse continue to make acquisitions in the hopes of broadening their total addressable market position, this will accelerate their pace of growth sizably.

It’ll be fascinating to see what technologies DarkPulse either creates or acquires over the next few years as it could shape their future in a remarkably positive way.

It is extremely important to note that DarkPulse is a pre-revenue company and does not yet have any sales for its products. This is a potential downside because their products have not yet been tested in the public markets and it’s unclear when revenue will begin to flow into the business.

It’s best to remain wary of companies without revenue as they are still in the stage of bringing their products to market. There is no guarantee their product line will succeed, for that reason It would be adequate to wait until some form of revenue is visible. Otherwise, investors will be piling unnecessary risk into their investment portfolios.

Although there may at times be uncertainty, there is certainly demand for advanced technology infrastructure security systems to maintain and protect critical components in industries worldwide. This is why DarkPulse will likely become a leader over time if they can prove their products are the best out there.

DPLS has seen a tremendous rally…Since our first mention of this stock back it March 4th, DPLS Traded for $.0123 a share at the close. Had you added this stock to your portfolio its traded as high as $.202 a share. Even as I write shares have come down significantly however still at its current share price it has returned 800%+. With the intended acquisitions and shift in its business model there is still room for this penny stock to run.

This is not intended as investment advice. As always do your own due diligence and invest based upon your own risk appetite and consult your own financial advisor for the right investment strategy for your specific needs.

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