AWS: Amazon’s Leading Cloud Infrastructure Platform

AWS and Cloud Computing

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) the e-commerce and cloud computing giant provides a marketplace of products to hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Not only does Amazon provide a marketplace for buyers and sellers, but also cloud computing software infrastructure, this is known as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

So what are the use cases of AWS?

AWS is the leading provider of cloud computing software services because of its broad features and capabilities, state-of-the-art databases, and integrations for businesses.

They utilize artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics technology to optimize their service infrastructure cost-effectiveness and efficiency. AWS also maintains the best core functionalities out of any of its competitors with a wide variety of data that can be set to match any application.

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AWS cloud computing environments are secure and flexible to protect the encrypted data of their partners worldwide. Leveraging the latest technologies and bringing them to the forefront of usability is the goal of the AWS team. They have undoubtedly continued to strive for the highest customer and client satisfaction.

Understanding and harnessing the power of data has never been made easier, this is primarily credited to the development and growth of AWS.

How AWS has Succeeded

Unmatched reliability has been achieved with AWS software infrastructure. For more than 15 years, they have been introducing new innovative cloud services to millions of customers providing a wide range of diversified use cases.

AWS has also provided immense value to Amazon’s business model as they can build and maintain data infrastructure in software platforms at scale, creating cost-savings benefits which they can pass down to their customers.

Their application coverage is immeasurable, reaching regions that cover multiple zones. No other competitor comes close to this level of capability and coverage. Pricing has also played an important role with their easy pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Another reason why AWS is so successful is the sizable selection of software product applications such as analytics, blockchain, databases, machine learning, robotics, VR & AR, and more.

There is no shortage of what AWS has to offer and the use cases seem to be increasing dramatically over time as more businesses can shift their business models onto on-demand software infrastructure, use databases, and deliver content fast across the globe.

The New Leader

Recently, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos which founded Amazon and grew the business from the ground up has stepped down to an executive chair to be replaced by Andy Jassy.

Andy Jassy is primarily known for the success of growing and innovating Amazon’s cloud computing segment AWS. Without Jassy, AWS would most likely not be anywhere close to where it is today.

Jassy has been always been a key part of Amazon’s success since his start in 1997, only three years after Bezos founded the company. He has learned what makes Amazon succeed, grow, and flourish which brings an unparalleled level of experience that no one else could ever have.

Although it was unfortunate for many to see Bezos step down, Jassy was the best candidate for the position and shareholders seem to agree.

What’s Next for Amazon?

Amazon has been continuing to innovate, acquiring more customers and sellers on their e-commerce platform, bringing cost savings to millions, as well as increasing its client base for secure software applications on AWS.

Although the future is never certain, It seems bright for Amazon. There’s still an incredibly visionary CEO directing the company, albeit a different one, although Jassy should be able to continue the trajectory of Amazon and Amazon Web Services success throughout the long term.

Innovation is what drives Amazon and they wouldn’t be where they are today without it.

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