How Twitter Uses Employee Onboarding to Maintain Its Social Media Network

Twitter’s Employee Onboarding Process

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) the social networking service application, is a platform where users can interact with their friends, family, or influencers around the world.

If Twitter wants to develop and continue to maintain an innovative network of worldwide conversation, you need innovative individuals working together to explore new ideas.

So how does Twitter hire new employees to continue leading one of the world’s largest social media networks?

Employee onboarding is the process of gradually introducing a new employee into a new working ecosystem. How Twitter undergoes these operations is by using its “Yes to Desk” program which focuses on shortening the time between when an applicant acquires the job, to when they sit at their desk at Twitter.

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This program utilizes over 75 unique touchpoints to fit the new employee’s transition to work. Its goal is to make the new employee feel as comfortable as possible.

When the employee arrives at their desk, they receive an email address, a T-shirt, and even a bottle of wine. Not a bad way to be introduced to a company at all. Also on their first day, they will receive a tour of their office, and training to optimize their workflow.

Why is Onboarding Necessary

Without these procedures, the new employee will feel extremely overwhelmed. Twitter takes employee onboarding very seriously. They want to find the best employees, as well as make them comfortable. A new hire who watches their hiring team scramble around looking for things to do might not be an employee for long as they will now believe it’s a mismanaged work environment.

When a new employee is having breakfast for the first time, typically their manager will join them. This makes conversations with their manager much easier later on throughout the job. Then they’ll have lunch with their co-workers as well.

These employee onboarding procedures make it incredibly easy for Twitter to get new employees to work fast and efficiently right at the start. Twitter is constantly improving its social media platform, so workloads need to be met fairly quickly.

Other Onboarding Processes

One more example of another company that excels at employee onboarding is Square. They provide unique elements to their work environment by including a coffee culture, as well as providing the opportunity to discuss ideas with their coworkers and executives. New employees also receive shirts, books, and stickers to welcome them to their new office.

Square believes that the employee onboarding process should be an experience to remember, not one to be stressed about. After all, they want you to work here for a long time and be a part of the work environment.

Both Twitter and Square’s employee onboarding processes share the same characteristics because they know it works and because both companies are run by their CEO Jack Dorsey which has a more optimistic view on employee onboarding.

Continued Improvement

Twitter continues to improve how they acquire new employees so that everyone can feel included right away. They make the investments in these programs to better prepare all new employees and get them involved in the company culture, as well as giving them a clear roadmap of how their job position is structured to integrate themselves more efficiently.

Companies around the world should look at Twitter’s employee onboarding process as a template of how to make their employees feel included in any work environment. They should be getting everyone involved, setting goals, and providing a clear and concise roadmap.

Twitter has one of the best employee onboarding processes out there which motivates bright-minded individuals to work at Twitter. This is why their business has continued to improve over time.

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