Palantir (PLTR): The Data Titan of Tomorrow

Palantir is A Data Integration Giant

Palantir (NYSE: PLTR) is a software management and data integration company that has contracts with corporations and governments worldwide.

Data integration for many businesses is becoming an increasingly bigger problem since there’s too many applications out there that don’t collaborate to work together effectively as one coherent asset.

Palantir solves these problems with advanced data integration services which completely reimagines the way we think about data. These applications can deliver immense amounts of value to corporations and governments which previously had problems with data visualization and optimization. However we are only scratching the surface of what Palantir offers.

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Palantir Gotham for Governments

Palantir Gotham is a software service which is offered to government contractors that starts with data from multiple assets and merges them into one human-centric model which transforms data into one single coherent asset. As data is fed to the system, it evolves and understands objects, people, places, and more by looking at the relationships behind them all.

Once this data model has been fueled, the existing data assets will begin to flow continuous data throughout the platform to better understand the objectives. You may also add data manually into the system which will automatically work alongside the existing data.

Gotham 21 is as Palantir puts it, “The operating system for government decision making.” It is an AI-ready system that accelerates the decisions for operators worldwide through all data set applications. These services can be used for the future battlespace as organizations rely heavily on data feedback at every given moment. Gotham was established to connect the aspects of decision making processes to enable accurate operations across the world.

By providing real time data to operators through machine learning models, they can observe every action on the battlefield and use all intelligence to make fast, confident decisions possible

Palantir Foundry for Corporations

As we described previously, data integration and management is a monumental problem of this decade which many companies struggle with. Palantir is here to solve those problems, and actually has been solving complex problems for many corporations for over a decade. This software application can protect, understand, enhance data and provide immediate compounding value for their corporate clients.

Examples for Palantir’s Foundry application are accelerating supply chains, improving analytics, or managing quality control on manufacturing lines.

Palantir Financials and Future

In Q1 of 2021 they grew their year-over-year revenues by 49% which generated $341 million across their government and commercial clients. Because of this growth, they beat their prior quarterly guidance of 45%. During the same time in 2020, Palantir only had revenues of $229 million in Q1.

Their government business grew 76% year-over-year and generated $208 million of their Q1 revenue, alongside their commercial business growing at 19% year-over-year delivering $133 million as well. As a result they obtained revenues of $341 million.

They ended the first quarter of this year by stating they have 15 new deals worth $5 million or more, and also 6 new deals worth $10 million or more each.

Overall, this was a very impressive quarter for Palantir. Full year guidance seems to be in line, they may even beat their original guidance for the year if this quarter is any good indication of increasing growth rates ahead.

Palantir is setting themselves up to be one of the most successful companies in the data industry at the pace they are going. They are accelerating their revenues, and consistently impressing investors. This is definitely a company worth researching or taking a look at for the long term as they are proving their complex business model over time.

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