Nano Dimension (NASDAQ: NNDM)Has Solutions to Complex Problems.

Nano Dimension: The Future of Manufacturing

Nano Dimension (NASDAQ: NNDM) is disrupting traditional manufacturing techniques by reshaping methods with intelligent 3D technologies. They use high fidelity active electronic and electromechanical subassemblies to enable big strives in innovation with intelligent drones, cars, satellites, smartphones, and more.

One of their applications, Additive Manufacturing Electronics (AME) is a technique which is used to print high performance electronic devices layer by layer, from complete scratch. These electronic boards cannot be manufactured in standard traditional processes.

Their other product named DragonFly is a digital manufacturing system that can print electronic circuitry in a comprehensive way around the clock. This allows them to integrate extremely precise operations within an optimized 3D software to print electronic circuits, antennas, capacitors and sensors.

The Dragonfly Solution

DragonFly reduces development cycle times dramatically with on-site prototyping. This eliminates the cost of ordering parts which may not fit well, or completely change based on rapidly evolving designs. An added plus for corporations working with Nano Dimension’s DragonFly machine is that you’re able to manufacture and produce complex parts with enhanced design capabilities.

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It saves companies from having to spend more money and time trying to perfect a prototype by using the perfect amount of material to make it durable with the least amount of waste.

Nano Dimension’s products can be applied in many industries like aerospace, defense, medical, automotive, and industrial. An example of how these technologies could work with these industries is the manufacturing of medical devices or even producing functional preclinical parts during a procedure.

Another example is making lightweight 3D printed parts for aerospace agency projects that need fast and indispensable equipment. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the use cases for 3D printing, or maybe even the moon for future aerospace missions involving spaceflight.

This may be outlandish, but we may not be too far off from seeing massive applications for temporary human organ transplants using 3D printed technology which may be powered by Nano Dimension technology if they decide to go that route. Nano Dimension definitely has the capabilities to do some incredible things using their DragonFly machine since it’s able to design irregular geometric surgical tools within a smaller time frame from traditional manufacturing techniques.

Overall Outlook

There is undoubtedly going to be huge demand for more complex manufacturing techniques as technology advances, and that’s where Nano Dimension will come in. They have the solutions to the problems so many industries will face in the near future. Prototyping shouldn’t take months or years, it should take weeks or days. As 3D printing technology accelerates it may also accelerate the pace of innovation itself as we can produce products faster, find flaws, and fix them efficiently without wasting time or resources. This kind of technology will not only benefit developments of innovation, but maybe even the planet itself as it uses less materials for a better product.

There is an incredible amount of potential. Only time will tell what the future really holds for Nano Dimension, but I sure wouldn’t bet against this extremely innovative company.


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