Mortgage Insurance Infused with A Data-Driven Tech Company.

Mix Mortgage Insurance and Tech…Out comes Radian Group.

Radian Group (NYSE: RDN) is a tech-infused mortgage insurance company which offers services that use insightful analytics to manage risk through mortgages and other real estate services.

Radian improves the efficiency and lowers the risk of all operations by harnessing the power of data and innovation to suit their customers needs. These data-driven analytics allow them to bring customizable tools to any customer in a short amount of time.

Optimizing your workflow is a difficult challenge, and that’s the problem that Radian Group solves.

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Radian has built an ecosystem of applications that optimize the workflow of individuals and businesses through their M1 Online product line.

Through their M1 Online platform you can obtain customized rate quotes, submit documents for underwriting, early coverage, quality control, and other claims. Radian supports their customers to their full potential which allows them to close more mortgage loans faster.

Their Title services platform also brings solutions to complex workflows and mortgage lending by streamlining the process of synchronizing comments and documents straight into any given technology infrastructure that can fit individual businesses needs.

Radian has continued to maintain unparalleled data performance through their Radian home price index that measures the trends of the real estate market and mortgage lending practices at a faster pace, and is fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to consistently provide the best results.

Radian’s Financial Performance And Outlook

In 2020 Radian finished the year with $1.44 billion in revenue however it was almost 5.8% down from their previous year of $1.52 billion in revenue in 2019. Profits for Radian unfortunately fell by over 40% in 2020 resulting in a net income of $393 million compared to the $672 million in 2019.

Their declined 2020 financial performance was primarily because of the difficult economic conditions which they experienced in 2020, as well as many other businesses. This caused a slow down in their ongoing expansion of their business of acquiring customers at the continued accelerated rate.

Their CEO, Rick Thornberry brought attention to this lackluster performance not too long ago in their annual shareholders meeting. He stated that, “Despite these challenges, including shifting to a largely virtual work environment, we were able to write record-breaking levels of new business in our Mortgage Segment and grow revenues in our Real Estate Segment.”

Revenues in the short term may have declined, but that’s not to say they aren’t growing. When factoring in their new data-driven platforms, we can expect an acceleration of growth as the economy begins to recover. This is primarily because Radian has a major advantage over competitors. They utilize the data their customers give them which cycles back into their system to further improve their ways of conducting business in both their mortgage and real estate segments.

This is the best way to continuously improve. By doing so you make a feedback loop that is inputted with new information which can train the system overtime to make fast and efficient decisions.

Another sign of confidence was that Radian decided to approve a quarterly dividend of $0.14 per share which represented a raise of 12% from the previous dividend payment.

A Forward Look

Expectations for the next few years are high for Radian as we hope to see an overall improvement in revenues. Investors seem to be hopeful, this hope can be reflected by looking at the stock price which is slowly approaching where it was before the economic shutdowns last year.

We hope to see a continued acceleration of their online mortgage insurance and other real estate service platforms as they maintain commitment to quality, and bring unshakeable integrity to a wide range of customers around the United States.

Andre Mitchell
Andre Mitchell

Andre Has been trading financial markets for 5+ years. Has consistently grown small account sizes to medium sizes. Andre is a long term income investor that primarily operates in the stock options market and loves sharing his insight and experience with people who love investing and growing their financial wealth.

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