Inseego Will Become a Key Player in the 5G Space.

Inseego Rides the 5G Wave

Inseego (NASDAQ: INSG) brings new applications to life through the world of 5G. They have led the way in wireless innovation for the last 25 years by creating new devices including the world’s first mobile hotspots. However these mobile hotspots are like nothing seen before, they have an unprecedented amount of capabilities for a variety of use cases which wouldn’t commonly be found anywhere else.

5G is a lot more than bringing people around the world faster smartphones, it actually brings real world applications to life by transferring data across vast areas fast and efficiently. With these technologies Inseego is able to maintain an extremely diversified client list which is broadened across multiple industries. These industries include the Government, Enterprise, Consumer, Education, and more.

Unimaginable Use Cases

There is unprecedented demand for mobile hotspots across the world and it’s only accelerating over time. The lockdowns worldwide in 2020 caused a huge surge in demand, many of these demands came from students who needed access to fast internet connections for remote learning, or corporations needing to find a way to have an effective team in a virtual setting.

Poor internet connection is many peoples worst enemy, it’s a frustrating situation when you can’t connect to a call or hear someone in a virtual business meeting. INSG solves these problems entirely with their products. This has undoubtedly accelerated the growth of Inseego’s product line and will continue to do so.

Inseego presents unimaginable opportunities with their low latency and best in class data speeds which powers groundbreaking data gateways to augmented reality and virtual reality users, first responders, mobile workers, remote offices, high-speed streaming services, and gaming platforms. There is no shortage of what Inseego can bring to the table this decade.

They offer their products primarily through the internet and cell service providers as a way to intrigue potential customers where they might have been previously hard to reach in some areas.

The Future of Inseego

In 2020 Inseego managed to grow their revenues by almost 43% compared to 2019. This brought them 313.8M of revenue as a result of their 5G mobile hotspots being in incredibly high demand all throughout the year. This growth is phenomenal, and there’s no signs of slowing as the world continues to become more connected virtually worldwide through the internet.

2021 and beyond will bring large opportunities to Inseego as they expand and grow their business. There’s an absurd amount of applications 5G mobile hotspots can be used for, so there’s no doubt Inseego will always be bringing in new customers over time.

As the world becomes increasingly powered by big data programs and applications which need high speed 5G connectivity, Inseego will be there to take a chunk of that market whether it’s from business meetings or telehealth networks which need to talk to their patients. If you too think there is increasing demand for high speed connectivity, Inseego may be a good company to further research.

Andre Mitchell
Andre Mitchell

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