Paving the Path to Next-Generation’s Health Insurance

Health Insurance That Meets Customer needs.

UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) is a next-generation health care and insurance services company. They offer high-quality, affordable services and resources that meet their customers’ needs.

By implementing actionable and practical solutions to complex problems they can create a modern, next-generation health system that can bring universal coverage, improve affordability, and enhance the healthcare experience to drive better results.

Advantages Over The Competition

UNH has been innovating to bring costs down for valuable healthcare services while also enhancing them. They simplify the healthcare experience for all customers, and reduce headaches along the way.

However, they don’t only offer basic healthcare insurance services, they have a variety of services such as small business employee care plans, dental, vision, and supplemental plans.

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Because of the broad diversification of insurance plans, UNH has built resistance in times of economic turmoil. Everyone needs insurance, and they provide it at a low cost and bring an effective strategy to the table.

Competing insurance companies don’t typically have a specialty, but rather just broad plans to cover individual basic needs. However, with UNH they specialize in healthcare, and therefore can bring the best options and resources to customers in need of a certain or specialized insurance plan.

Once a individual has signed up for these plans, they also gain access to a wide range of helpful resources provided by this company such as Telehealth which is a growing industry on it’s own that has become extremely helpful to those who may not have much time in their day to schedule and walk in for an appointment in person.

A Reason To Worry About Competition?

There’s very little reason to worry about the possible competition in the near term future, this is primarily because they are extremely diversified in terms of the services they offer.

They offer services in their portfolio that could fit many individuals needs, and more importantly have a specialty in many of the healthcare related services provided. This gives them an edge over the competition.

Since UNH has been around since 1977, it may be more familiar for many individuals when they are searching for insurance. They may have an advantage as well since they are a more mature established corporation over their new tech-driven rivals.

Potential Obstacles The Company Faces

Despite these great characteristics, there are some cautions to be wary of. No company or industry is completely immune from outside competition.

There is a potential threat to UnitedHealth Group if more tech-infused insurance companies start to broaden their services as well. AI algorithms over time can bring immense amounts of capabilities since data can consistently be collected. UNH doesn’t currently have these resources to consistently improve their services through machine learning technologies which could lead to a reduction of the overall market share over time if they don’t adapt.

However, they have proven they know how to conduct business efficiently in the insurance space for quite some time and have continued to accelerate their business into other opportunities.

These operations don’t seem to be slowing anytime soon, and it’s very possible this company could effectively adapt to more efficient data driven models if necessary to survive, although it’s very unlikely they will need to anytime soon. However, it’s important to remain wary just in case.

The insurance industry is not going away anytime soon, so having exposure to them is crucial if you want to protect your portfolio against economic turmoil.

Overall if you are interested in a stable, fast growing, and efficient healthcare and insurance services company, UNH may be the perfect candidate for your diversified portfolio over the long term.

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