16 Technology Stocks Moving Downwards In Friday’s 3.12.2021 Mid-Day Session

Technology Losers for the Day

  • Poshmark, Inc.​POSH 20.14%​decreased by 19.9% to $47.65 per share after the firm announced Q4 earnings results.
  • Evoke Pharma, Inc. ​EVOK 22.58%​decreased by 19.5% to $2.4950 per share after the firm announced Q4 earnings results.
  • Medalist Diversified REIT, Inc.​MDRR 18.77%​decreased by 17.3% to $2.2901 per share.
  • Lordstown Motors Corp.​RIDE 16.37%​decreased by 14.8% to $15.08 per share after Hindenburg Research announced bearish news on the stock.
  • MediciNova, Inc.​MNOV 13.82%​decreased by 14.1% to $6.03 per share. MediciNova shares recently soared over 50% on March 9th after an announcement the firm partnered with BARDA to develop MN-166 as a medical technology measure against chlorine gas-induced lung injury.
  • China Green Agriculture, Inc.​​CGA 8.45%​decreased by 14% to $5.01 per share.
  • AMMO, Inc.​POWW 15.93%​decreased by 13.9% to $5.84 per share after reporting a common stock offering.
  • FinVolution Group​FINV 12.35%​decreased by 11.7% to $8.62 per share. FinVolution Group surged 93% on Thursday after the firm reported Q4 results.
  • IMAC Holdings, Inc.​IMAC 11.82%​shares decreased by 10.9% to $2.1999 per share.
  • Chembio Diagnostics, Inc. ​CEMI 11.35%​decreased by 8.5% to $4.5189 per share following a wider-than-expected quarterly loss.
  • Longeveron Inc.​LGVN 8.28%​decreased by 7.8% to $7.79 per share. The firm’s Lomecel-B technology was recently approved by the FDA for compassionate use for the treatment of children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome.
  • ENGlobal Corporation ​ENG 9.33%​decreased by 7.2% to $6.03 per share. ENGlobal soared around 44% on Thursday after Will Meade, a trader on Twitter with 165,000 followers, tweeted his support for the engineering services company.
  • StoneCo Ltd.​STNE 6.5%​decreased by 6.3% to $71.57 per share after the firm reported Q4 earnings results.
  • Histogen Inc.​HSTO 5.28%​decreased by 5.7% to $1.34 per share after the firm reported worse-than-expected Q4 sales.
  • DocuSign, Inc.​DOCU 6.7%​decreased by 5.6% to $212.52 per share after the company reported Q4 earnings results.
  • Super League Gaming, Inc. ​SLGG 6.11%​shares decreased by 4.1% to $6.59 per share after the firm reported a wider-than-expected quarterly loss.

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