Qualtrics (XM) receive 2 Stevie Customer Service Awards

Qualtrics Customer Service Team

Qualtrics has won two Stevie® Silver customer service awards. Qualric’s customer service team has been recognized for “Best Technology Use” for an innovative support portal with a volume increase of 40%. Work satisfaction has improved 10 times since its inception to “Innovate the Customer Experience” with the XM community.

Qualric’s customer service team is constantly developing and improving customer service here is how they won the award.

Better use of technology

Qualtrics International (XM) has been recognized for its best use of technology on the Qualtric Support Portal, which provides a unique multi-channel experience when customers contact our world-class support team.

In June 2020, a fully validated support portal was launched to provide comprehensive support to anyone in need. The help portal includes features such as a personalized support experience, an easier way to connect to support, and a historical record of past interactions.

Help Gateway helps customers get the support contacts they need faster by increasing the number of reserved support tickets by exactly 40%. In addition, the support portal uses guided workflows to ensure that the support team has the information they need to effectively support customers.

The expert evaluation panel said:

“I have to say that this is the best example of unified channel support I’ve ever seen. This not only guarantees customers more options for self-service or their preferred help channel, but also ensures they are better able to adapt to their products or services.”

This is just the beginning. Watch out for new improvements made to the 2021 Support Portal.

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Tyree Bowman

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