DarkPulse (DPLS) Opens a Manufacturing and Technology Center in the United States

DarkPulse Specialization

DarkPulse is a technology company specializing in laser detection systems based on the patented BOTDA Dark Pulse Detector Technology (“DarkPulse Technology”) that provides a stream of critical measurement data for assessing health and safety, infrastructure for border security, rail, oil and gas, aviation and space, renewable energy, and mining security applications. The company recently announced that they have entered into commercial lease agreements under ISO9001; AS9100 certified electronic and electromechanical assembly equipment for the design and manufacture of hardware and software in Tempe, Arizona.

Business Plans and Strategic Movement

An integral part of the company’s business plan is the production of BOTDA equipment, says Dennis O’Leary, Chairman and CEO of DarkPulse. The purchase of ISO9001; AS9100 certified electronic and electromechanical assemblies will allow their equipment to be manufactured to commercial and military specifications. He further mentioned that these opportunities will also allow us to offer similar services to other companies, making DarkPulse a market player in the US and beyond, while allowing the company to open up other revenue streams.

The company continues to explore additional potential opportunities in strategic locations around the world to accelerate the adoption of DarkPulse technology products and expand its presence in the global marketplace.

Solutions and Systems

DarkPulse, Inc. uses state-of-the-art laser monitoring systems for fast and accurate temperature, stress and strain monitoring. The company’s technology excels in dynamic critical infrastructure and structural monitoring, including pipeline, perimeter and structural monitoring, aircraft structural components, and mine safety.

The company’s fiber optic monitoring system can benefit non-operating markets, and its unique technology covers a large area and any event that detects changes in voltage or temperature. In addition to the company’s ongoing efforts to market and sell technology products and services to customers, the company continues to explore potential strategic alliances through joint ventures and licensing opportunities, further expanding its market presence.

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