Relief Therapeutics’ partner NeuroRx (BRPA) to beginCOVID-19 Study

Shares of Relief Therapeutics (OTC:RLFTF) partner NeuroRx (BRPA) has risen 171% this month on anticipated data of it’s progress with COVID-19 candidate Zyesami.

NeuroRx announced yesterday that they have begun Zyesami’s Phase 2/3 of the clinical investigation for treatment of severe COVID-19 patients in partnership with UCI Health.

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We are excited to be the first clinical site for this crucial study, which aims to prevent patients from progressing to respiratory failure and being admitted into the ICU, We have seen the devastation of COVID-19 firsthand and recognize the importance of investigating all potential therapeutics, especially one like ZYESAMI™.  Its mechanism holds promise as a treatment for patients in the ICU with Critical COVID-19 and possibly also in the earlier stage of the disease, to reduce disease progression and respiratory failure.

Dr. Richard Lee, Interim Chief of UCI Health’s Division of Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care Medicine and the Principal Investigator 

Reducing the progression of COVID-19 could have a profound impact in mitigating the ICU and hospital occupancy crisis in the US. Nearly 90 million Americans currently live in a county where ICU bed occupancy averages 90% or greater, according to data provided by the US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). In Orange County, CA, where UCI Health is located, 90.0% of ICU beds and 80.7% of hospital beds are currently occupied, underscoring the dire need for a treatment that mitigates COVID-19 progression and, thereby, ICU admissions.

The placebo-controlled study is targeted to enroll 144 patients. Once clinical safety is established, NeuroRx will initiate a second outpatient cohort of patients with the aim to determine whether inhaled ZYESAMI™ can be used at home in patients with early stages of COVID-19 and perhaps other viral infections in order to prevent disease progression and hospitalization.

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