Stem Energy (STPK): Biden’s green energy play

Stem Energy (STPK) is Biden’s green energy play. Trump will be leaving office very soon and Biden’s administration will be securing control of democracy. Biden has already revealed his green energy initiative.

With Biden planning to spend billions to combat climate change and to make the world greener that it’s ever been before resulting in catching the attention of millennials and environmentally friendly citizens. With this infrastructure change, the transformation to a greater dependence is going to depend on the storage and distribution of electricity.

As we can see, the world is moving away from carbon to wind and solar solutions meaning smart storage and distribution is more important than ever before.

The global energy storage market represents a $1.2 trillion opportunity and is expected to increase 25x by 2030.

Without smart storage, the build out of renewable generation is not possible. Since 2019, 90% of grid interconnection requests have been for renewables and storage. California has already mandated that all new vehicles be carbon free by 2035 and its entire power grid be carbon free by 2045.

In 2019, Stem installed 3x the energy storage of its largest competitor in California, which is the largest energy market in the US.

Stem Energy (STPK): Biden's green energy play

the industry leading provider of AI-driven energy storage systems through its proprietary software platform, Athena, that empowers customers and partners to optimize energy usage by automatically switching between battery power, onsite generation and grid power.

I believe it is a foregone conclusion that smart energy storage will be a critical component of Biden’s $2 trillion green plan as more efficient storage and use of power will only further drive adoption of renewable energy generation.

By operating the world’s largest network of energy storage systems powered by the company’s Athena AI platform, STPK couldn’t be better positioned. STPK has over 900 systems operating/contracted currently in 200+ cities that represent 1 GWh of storage capacity. The platform has operated globally with over 16 million runtime hours and has a backlog of significant business that will drive growth for years to come.

Bigger and better than QuantumScape (QS), Chargepoint (SBE) and Luminar (LAZR)

Stem is targeting an total addressable market (TAM) that is bigger than that of QuantumScape, ChargePoint, and Luminar combined. Yet, these three companies collectively have a valuation of close to $50 billion vs. STEM at just $3 billion.

Stem Energy (STPK): Biden's green energy play
Stem Energy (STPK): Biden's green energy play

As you can see, Stem has higher potential to surge and benefit from the green energy initiative.

Jay Lorrence
Jay Lorrence

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