LUMN Stock: Forget Blackberry, it’s all about Lumen Technologies

Shares of Lumen Technologies (LUMN) surged 23% today and unlike Blackberry (BB) there are three main segments. The Enterprise segment provides products and services to large and regional domestic and global enterprises, as well as the public sector, which includes the U.S. Federal Government, state and local governments and research and education institutions.

The Small and Medium Business segment products and services to small and medium businesses directly and through indirect channel partners.

The Wholesale segment provide products and services to a range of other communication providers across the wireline, wireless, cable, voice and data center sectors. The Consumer Segment provides products and services to residential customers. Lumen Technologies, a company that offers communications, network services, security, cloud solutions, voice, and managed services. The company is a member of the S&P 500 index and the Fortune 500.

Lumen is chosen to provide next gen 911 services to Nebraska

The State of Nebraska recently selected Lumen to help it transition to a next generation 911 platform using the company’s emergency service network, IP-based software, applications and call routing services. Transitioning to Lumen’s current NG911 platform will improve the delivery of emergency calls and enable Nebraska residents to contact 911 not only by making a voice call, but also support sending text messages, pictures and videos.

In addition, Lumen is launching enhanced NG911 features and functionality that will provide real-time visibility into customers’ emergency call management systems and enable a more robust, reliable and resilient emergency response.

The Lumen NG911 platform will support enhanced communication capabilities, such as the ability to send texts, images and videos directly to 911 call centers, that will provide first responders with additional information so they can better assist during an emergency.

The company also recently created a dedicated NG911 network operations center with a new ticketing system. Lumen’s enhancements to its NG911 platform will provide new customers with a portal featuring a customer management dashboard with access to:

  • a real-time view of the health of customer NG911 systems;
  • the call path from origination through delivery to the public safety answering point (PSAP);
  • component level monitoring, status, inventory and diagnosis; and
  • reporting metrics.

Lumen’s NG911 platform meets all national i3 standards established by the National Emergency Number Association and serves as a model for NG911 systems used by states, counties, cities, towns and military bases around the country.

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