IPWR Stock: Ideal Power could be the next Plug Power

Investors are getting exited about Ideal Power (IPWR) stock, many of which are expecting IPWR stock to return back to it’s $50 levels it once had.

Ideal Power develops bi-directional power switches for electric vehicles and the company thinks that it’s technology can radically transform electric vehicle batteries. The company is currently developing B-TRAN technology with a focus of commercialization soon. IPWR has previous experience in electric vehicles, data centers and renewable energy.

What to keep in mind for IPWR stock

Ideal Power says that it wants to help pioneer the future of energy use. To do this, it focuses on its Bi-Directional, Bi-polar Junction Transistor (B-TRAN) semiconductor technology.

This is essentially a bi-directional power switch.

For those unfamiliar, bi-directional power switches support bi-directional current flow in their on positions. When you flip the switch off, they support bi-directional voltage blocking.

Bi-directional power switches are very interesting because of their potential applications.

One such application would be when a single charger is powering multiple batteries. The on and off modes would prevent charged batteries from draining.

They would also be able to keep one battery from charging another with its own resources.

According to Ideal Power, its customers are in the industrial, alternative energy, military and automotive markets.

In those areas, it believes B-TRAN will reduce switching losses and lower operating costs.

The company shed more light on those potential uses.

It sees its B-TRAN driving performance and cost savings in emerging markets including electric vehicles, solar and wind, and data center power supplies.

B-TRAN is expected to benefit multiple applications in large segments of its $6 billion total addressable market with 53% expected growth.

Investors may not be incredibly familiar with Ideal Power, which makes sense because it has a market capitalization of just $42 million. However, the company sees itself capitalizing on emerging trends thanks to its B-TRAN technology. That may mean that IPWR stock finds itself staying in the spotlight.

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