Herborium Group (OTC:HBRM) $0.30 run up with possible TRYP Therapeutics merger

Shares of Herborium Group (OTC:HBRM) is currently trading at $0.0035 with many investors expecting the HBRM stock to hit $0.30 in the coming months.

According to recent filings with the SEC, executives will be able to convert their salaries at $0.30 per share but only if the price reaches that price. Investors are expecting the company to buy back shares up to that price so the executives can exercise their conversion.

Possible merger with Tryp Therapeutics

Another rumor going around is that Tryp Therapeutics, currently trading on the Canadian Securities exchange as TRYP, will proceed with a Herborium Group merger in order to access the U.S. OTCMarket.

Further evidence that may confirm this is that TRYP confirmed on Twitter that they’re looking to get an OTC ticker in 2021. Another reason is that former president of Herborium Group, Jim Gillian was appointed as Co-President for Tryp and Chief Scientific Officer, strengthening the merger rumor.

Jay Lorrence
Jay Lorrence

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