Green Energy stocks to watch for this week as Biden takes office

Green energy stocks are going to boom in 2021. As the Trump presidency comes to an end and Biden’s inauguration takes place on Wednesday, here are a few green energy stocks that I suggest you keep an eye on this week (or this year) as Biden takes office.

Joe Biden has recently released his plans for combating climate change and for the improvement of green energy, the United States would have to undergo a vital change to the core infrastructure that currently powers our country.

The $1.2 billion dollar Green Energy stock opportunity

This incoming infrastructure change has an opportunity to generate $1.2 billion dollars in new wealth. This event will generate thousands of new millionaires in the coming year.

Currently, here are the sectors that Biden plans to make record breaking investments in:

  • Infrastructure
  • Automobile Industry
  • Transit
  • Power Sector
  • Buildings
  • Housing
  • Innovation
  • Agriculture and Conservation
  • Environmental Justice

As far as Biden’s plans go, you can see that these are very environmentally friendly and with the Power sector growing with electric vehicles, I expect the Auto industry, power/solar power and green energy to surge during the first 4 years of Biden’s administration.

Green Energy stocks to look at for the modernization of U.S. infrastructure

Here are the top 3 under the radar green energy stocks I expect to highly benefit from this billion dollar opportunity.

Stem Energy (STPK) – This is currently a SPAC in the process of merging with STEM, which provides intelligent energy storage and predictive energy software with the use of Artificial Intelligence. With this technology, you are able to draw from the grid and also put power back into the grid using solar technology, therefore saving tons of money in bills, more efficient back up power, better bankability for energy.

Cleanspark (CLSK) – Like Stem, Cleanspark also offers intelligent energy solutions through their microgrid service with the addition of energy data modelling.

Orbital Energy (OEG) – Orbital Energy is a diversified energy infrastructure services platform, providing solutions to Gas energy, solar energy and power. Their main goal is to build a more sustainable world.

Tim Rolle
Tim Rolle

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