GEVO stock surges on Biden naming co-founder to science team

Gevo (GEVO) stock surges on Biden picking up the co-founder to join the coming administration’s science team. Frances H. Arnold, a Nobel-Prize recipient and Gevo’s Co-Founder, has been named to President-Elect Joe Biden’s Science Team.

The Science Team is tasked with marshaling the force of science to drive meaningful progress in the lives of people. The Science Team will help the Biden-Harris administration confront some of the biggest crises and challenges of our time, including climate change.

Patrick R. Gruber, the Chief Executive Officer of Gevo, said, “This appointment is well deserved. Gevo has benefited from Professor Arnold’s outstanding work in developing enzymes crucial to our technology. Gevo has used science to create technology that has established Gevo as a leader that transforms renewable energy and carbon into energy dense liquids that have the potential to achieve a net-zero greenhouse footprint when used as drop-in fuels for transportation and other uses. Gevo looks forward to playing its part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Tim Rolle
Tim Rolle

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