DTSS Stock: Datasea to focus on 5G opportunities

Shares of Datasea (DTSS) surged 74% just after the opening bell on Thursday. The company announced that they are set to focus on 5G opportunities and related value added services.

Datasea’s recent initiative to leverage its technology capabilities in order to expand its business coverage and create new sources of revenue and profit, Shuhai Zhangxun will be dedicated to exploring 5G value-added services (e.g., 5G messaging) opportunities brought by the combination and extension of the Company’s smart security platform, big data platform and other technology capabilities currently owned by Datasea.

The company’s technology shares a particular connection with 5G messaging known as Rich Communication Services (RCS), which enables the company to develop services related to 5G messaging. The 5G messaging involves customer-to-customer interactions and enhances traditional messaging services with new services such as multimedia messaging, commercial messaging and interactive services.

Jay Lorrence
Jay Lorrence

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