AMTX Stock: Why Aemetis skyrocketed 100% today

Shares of Aemetis (AMTX) stock increased 100% on news of it’s Carbon Zero biofuels production prcoesses.

The renewable energy and efficiency projects funded by the grants already have been launched into the design, permitting, construction, and commissioning process. And the projects supported by grant funding will provide an estimated $18 million per year of increased margin, equal to about $0.75 net income per share each year.

Aemetis Carbon Zero production plants commercialize patented technology exclusive to Aemetis for agricultural and forest waste wood feedstock. And Carbon Zero plants are integrated with existing Aemetis production facilities to produce energy dense renewable fuels using renewable energy and below zero carbon intensity waste feedstocks.

Carbon Zero production plants were designed to convert below zero carbon feedstocks (waste wood and ag wastes) and renewable energy (solar, renewable natural gas, biogas) into energy dense liquid renewable fuels. And Aemetis expects that such renewable fuels — when used in hybrid electric vehicles or other vehicle engines — will have a “below zero carbon” greenhouse gas footprint across the entire lifecycle of the fuel based on the Argonne National Laboratory’s GREET model, the pre-eminent science-based lifecycle analysis measurement tool.

The Carbon Zero 1 plant renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades include funding and other support from the California Energy Commission, the USDA, the US Forest Service, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and PG&E.

Jay Lorrence
Jay Lorrence

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