Why NanoVibronix (NAOV) skyrocketed on Wednesday

Shares of NanoVibronix (NAOV) skyrocketed 133% this week. The company is a medical device company that produces the UroShield, PainShield and WoundShield Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Portable Ultrasonic Therapeutic Devices, today announced positive findings from an independent evaluation of its UroShield device on patients who have used the device for up to two years. The results have been submitted to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for review and consideration.

“Findings from an independent study demonstrate significant benefits of our UroShield device with patients reporting reductions in blockages, catheter changes and use of bladder maintenance solutions in addition to reductions in pain, fewer visits to clinics and hospitals for emergency catheter changes, as part of our ongoing engagement, we submitted these findings to NICE as part of the process for attaining ‘official guidance’ from the organization, an important step in providing access to all NHS patients at risk of catheter associated urinary tract infections. We believe that these findings should also reinforce our efforts in the U.S. and other target markets.”

Brian Murphy, CEO of NanoVibronix

An independent statistical analysis conducted by Coventry University’s Assistant Professor, Ksenija Maravic da Silva, reported statistically significant outcomes for the company’s UroShield device. The findings demonstrated a reduced number of urinary tract infections (UTIs), reduced instances of prescribed antibiotics, reduced catheter blockages, reduced the need for unplanned catheter changes and reduced pain reported as a result of catheter associated complications.

In addition, the study also provided important insights into the lives of those using the device including improvement of overall well-being, relating specifically to decreased levels of worry and increased ability to socialize. Moreover, patient feedback on product improvements were addressed and have been incorporated in the present commercially available device.

“Tangentially, patients also reported an overall improvement in their mental state, which was described as ‘priceless’ and ‘life changing’ by study participants and their loved ones,” added Murphy. “Beyond the physical health benefits, patients cited improved sleep, higher levels of energy, increased confidence and desire to socialize with family and friends. We remain committed to full commercialization of our products, and the real-world findings and testimonials from this study further substantiate what we already know to be true about the efficacy of UroShield.”

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