What’s Virgin Galactic Acquisition (VGAC) about?

There is talk about Virgin Galactic Acquisition (VGAC) and investors are anticipating a bold move from celebrity and legendary business typhoon, Richard Branson.

The Company was formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, amalgamation, share exchange, asset acquisition, share purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses. The Company intends to focus on businesses that operate in one of the Virgin Group’s core sectors: travel & leisure, financial services, health & wellness, technology & internet-enabled, music & entertainment, media & mobile and renewable energy/resource efficiency.

The management team includes Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Company, a renowned global entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Group and responsible for the Virgin Group; Josh Bayliss, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and director, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Virgin Group and is responsible for the Virgin Group’s strategic development, licensing of the brand globally and management of direct investments on behalf of the Virgin Group in various companies around the world; and Evan Lovell, the Company’s Chief Financial Officer and director, who is a Chief Investment Officer of the Virgin Group and is responsible for managing the Virgin Group’s investment team and portfolio in North America.

Rumors about possible target

Rumors of possible targets are popping up as investors try to dig deep and figure out who the target company is, what we found so far that could identify a target is detailed below.

  • Breakthrough Energy – Organization with the likes of Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Softbank, Jeff Bezos and Ray Dalio
  • Envision Group – Envision makes formula 1 electric racing vehicles

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