The Sellas Life Sciences (SLS) play

Good Morning! Who is ready for another wild day?

Let’s dive right into it!

Today, I’ll be discussing different tactics you could play SLS today and how I will play it: you can trade it short term or long term and what if it has a small dip, because expectations aren’t met, or it shoots right to the stratosphere.

At 2:15 PM CT, Sellas will give their presentation of their NPS vaccine. (Don’t misunderstand NPS with GPS, where SLS already got a license deal over with China.) If you already did DD on NPS, you know these results are incredible and extremely effective. (I’ll be giving a link to Presentations of SLS in history at the end of my post, where you can check the results yourself)

First, we’re going over the situation where the presentation isn’t as quite as amazing as we all think. It will probably dip, you’ll buy more cheap shares and you’ll wait till next week. Buy the dip and hold. We both know this is worth over 20+ (Market Cap now is 167 Million, their deal with China is over 200 Million. Market Cap is at least 200 Million worth. Small Calculation: 17.66* (200/167) = $21.15) And here I am just talking about the Deal with China with licensing their GPS. I haven’t even talked about the value of the NPS vaccine, the royalties of GPS and all their other amazing medicines in their pipeline.

Secondly, the situation where it rockets to Mars (I specifically like this scenario). Profits are profits, but don’t sell too soon. This has still fuel in the tank and is still extremely undervalued. 3 days ago, we were at 448k volume, 2 days ago at 16 Million Volume and yesterday at an incredible 147 Million. Sell when you’re gut feeling is telling you and don’t look back at how much more profit you could have made, don’t FOMO into the spike.

Other guys buy the rumor and sell the news, which is also an excellent tactic, where they already sold yesterday or going to sell before the presentation. I, however, am extremely bullish on the whole company and call me crazy, but I do believe they have a chance to break GLSI’s ATH. My reasoning behind it and here we go a little scientific: GLSI has incredible results for their vaccine (0% recurrence rate), however this is only for women who are HER2 3+. SLS has a vaccine for patients who are hormone receptor-negative AND HER2 1+/2+. GLSI also has no license deal yet, while SLS has one with China worth 202 Million.

So I will hold when it dips and I strongly recommend buying extra shares if it does. If it goes to Mars today and is going to halt multiple times today, I will consider selling the hype, but I will CERTAINLY get back in at a lower price again.

Good luck and let’s make some money today 🙂

Guest post by u/JustSomeStonksBoi

Jay Lorrence
Jay Lorrence

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