Tesla (TSLA) and Artificial Intelligence Technologies (OTC:AITX) are in talks

There was recent confirmation of Tesla (TSLA) and Artificial Intelligence Technologies (OTC:AITX) in talks about a potential purchase order. This suggests that the company is very much in talks with other Fortune 500 companies.

What this means for AITX shareholders

Since it’s not clear if Tesla would go through with a purchase order, many are speculating if AITX stock is a good investment. In my opinion, AITX stock is a very good long term investment.

U.S. Department of Defense to invest in Artificial Intelligence technology and called it “new oil”

The CEO Steve Reinhartz is expected to host a Live AMA/QnA session on Sunday, brought to you by The Waypoint Refinery.

Tesla (TSLA) and Artificial Intelligence Technologies (OTC:AITX) are in talks
ROSA – roboticassistancedevices.com

Yesterday, the company fulfilled it’s first shipment of ROSA which stands for Responsive Observation Security Agent, ROSA is the ultimate autonomous response device and the first and only completely self-contained security and communication device in the market. Providing a 180° field of view from the device so you can see more of your site. Using ROSA’s one-way long-range paging you can communicate with people on your property.

ROSA delivers the ultimate security experience via RAD’s in-house developed software suite, including RADSOC and RADSight.

With the company possibly announcing their Fortune 500 end-user client and implementation in Q1 of next year, I recommend adding AITX stock to your watchlist.

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