QuestCap (QSC.NE) is a stock to buy and hold, as revenue potential increases substantially

By this weekend, QuestCap or Medi-volve (QSC.NE) should have about 45 testing sites up and running. So, we will use the 7-day rolling average of 82 tests per day per site and an average test price of $85 per test;

These 45 testing sites perform 45×82=3690 tests each day, and revenue is 3690x$85=$313,650 each day. Now, we calculate $313,650×30=$9,409,500 per month. These calculations are for USD now convert this amount to Canadian Dollars $9,409,500×1.29=$12,138,255. and yearly revenue should be $145,659,060. 

Now we can calculate the profit margin of $145,659,060 and use lower than the company projected EBTIDA 50% = $72,859,530 (Company projected EBITDA is 55%).

So without any P/E rato, the QSC share price should be somewhere 0.48 cents. Most of the companies in the medical field use a PE Ratio between 5 to 40. You can calculate the P/E Ratio as you like. Whatever P/E Ratio you use or even without any P/E Ratio, QuestCap share price should be much higher. 

Now fast forward to the mid-end of January, when Medi-volve should have 100+ tasting centres up and running. At that point, revenue/earning/stock price jumps to more than double. 100×82=8200 test per day generating $697,00 per day and USD 20,910,000 that comes to $26,973,900 Canadian per Month. That is $323,686,800 per year, and the projected EBTIDA calculation with 50% comes to $161,843,400. Little over a $1 per share, and even with a P/E Ration of 5, Medi-Volve should be trading over $5.  

According to QuestCap management, we should see over 700 testing sites by the end of March. After January, we will see where is this company is heading and calculate then. These 700 testing sites can bring a large sum of revenue and, in return, higher stock price. 

More revenue streams bring more potential

RESAAS selling testing kits to 500,000 realtors and online in the USA, Australia and Spain. Sanaty IPS with two locations offering medical service and Covid-19 testing in Columbia S.A. 

After Pandemic, Medi-Volve can move to any of these options; 

  • Tasting lab + flu shots and Covid-19 Vaccine
  • Telehealth: Technology meets health care
  • All kinds of in vitro testing
  • Mobile medical services
  • Retail generic medicines
  • Sell medical cannabis. 
Jay Lorrence
Jay Lorrence

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