ImmunoPrecise Antibodies (IPA) stock is “COVID Gold” as they provide top notch antibodies

Immunoprecise Antibodies (IPA) are a contract research organization out of Victoria BC, North Dakota and Europe. They produce antibodies for 13/20 of the largest Pharma companies and are currently growing with a current market cap of 360M CAD.

In addition, their subsidiary, Talem Therapeutics, focuses on antibody therapeutics, which as just a subsidiary MANY VALUE IT HIGHER than IPAs market cap. Their contract research organization (cro) side of the business fuels IP to the therapeutic development side (Talem).

IPA stock has well over 99% percent plus success for developing antibody programs for their trusted clients…. in essence they don’t miss when they are put to the task.

Over the last few months IPA stock has been developing an “antibody cocktail” which they has been proved to neutralize COVID-19. In fact they have over 70 neutralizing antibodies. They have created synergistic combinations of the antibodies to develop the best.

Moreover, they announced a polytope vaccine that doesn’t require to be stored In cold chambers, and good with only a single dosage. Alongside this vaccine they have developed a polyclonal antibody therapeutic that can control mutations of the virus which is especially important as we see emergence of the new strains that I’m sure were all aware are spreading.

The therapeutic cocktail goes to Clinical trials in a couple short weeks and how timely is this with news of mutations sweeping across the globe. Talem is leading the race on this specialty area.

If you want a comparable stock to look at check out AbCellera Biologics (ABCL) which was slated to IPO at $13 two weeks ago but ended up trading up to $70 that same day and closing at $51. Additionally it should be noted that IPA stock has upside in comparison as they have been in the antibody business for over 30 years and have great management- with a CEO on the advisory board for WHO.

Abcelleras 19/20 Revenues were 2x IPA stock however, their market cap is about 40x larger than IPA stock. Just proof that they have upside to grow mass amounts once they hit the NASDAQ- the hottest index for BioTech in the world.

It should be specifically noted that they are moving to the NASDAQ after the next 7.5 hour trading session next Tuesday. (expecting end of 2020) where they will remain to be traded under the ticker IPA. This move will definitely create growth that can be used as a great opportunity for a momentum play both short and long term.

The company got acquired in 2016 from the Beecroft Family for approx. $2 million in CAD and their current market cap is just shy of $300 million… At the moment they are growing faster than they ever have before!

NOTE: The shares will begin trading on NASDAQ under IPA ticker starting at market open on Dec 30.

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Jay Lorrence
Jay Lorrence

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