China HGS Real Estate (HGSH) caught in upsurge

Shares of China HGS Real Estate (HGSH) has been caught up in an upsurge. If you’re digging for press releases or SEC filings, you aren’t going to find anything. The company hasn’t issued any news, leading many to wonder just what’s going on here.

A few reasons why this stock is in an upsurge is because Chinese stocks are hot right now. Don’t forget, Joe Biden recently won the United States Presidential Election. When he takes office, he will likely move to remedy the tensions between the United States and China in the Trump Trade War.

As tensions die between the United States and China, the Chinese economy is likely to benefit. As a result, investors have been looking to Chinese stocks for opportunity, and with such incredible runs across various tickers in the region, it only makes sense that investors and traders alike want more.

As a result, HGSH seems to be benefitting, both from Joe Biden’s win of the United States Presidential Election and enjoying a sympathy run as traders see an opportunity

Another reason is low float, Stock market traders often look for opportunities with low floats. The lower the public float on the stock, the more the price moves when large volumes hit.

China HGS Real Estate trades with a pretty tiny float. In fact, there are just over 22 million shares in the float.

While low float stocks are considered to be stocks with floats under 20 million shares, HGSH is very close to that figure, making it more appealing, especially for day traders.

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