Bloom Energy (BE): to disrupt the energy sector

Bloom Energy (BE) continues to soar this past week, up 32% to date. Bloom Energy is affordable, clean, reliable and sustainable electric power solution.

Bloom Energy is founded by Dr. KR Sridhar, Bloom founder and Chief Executive Officer, in connection with creating a technology to convert Martian atmospheric gases to oxygen for propulsion and life support. Dr. Sridhar and his team built a fuel cell for NASA™ capable of producing air and fuel from electricity generated by a solar panel.

They soon realized that their technology could have an even greater impact here on Earth.

So, they came up with a way to convert air and fuel into electricity.

Bloom’s energy box can revolutionize or create a new whole industry. With this technology they can power electric vehicles without charging, create or power electric ships so we have a clean atmosphere, and so much more.

Just a few weeks ago the Swiss National Bank grew their stakes in share by 33.2%. institutional investors and hedge funds own 35.62% of the stock.

Is Bloom Energy (BE) A great stock to buy?

Absolutely yes, the energy sector in conjunction with the electric vehicle sector, these two sectors will have a great boom during these times and will begin to revolutionize in the coming years.

Jake Page
Jake Page

Investor of 4 years and Managing Editor of Money Midnight, a news outlet focused on highly profitable investment ideas and bold underground research.

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