Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (OTC:AITX) is a gamechanger in robotic assistance devices

I believe this is a rare example of Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (OTC:AITX) emerging into a tech powerhouse. Many of these kind of firms often start off as a private firm and then go public later, so it is rare for them to build it the old-fashioned way.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions surges on Fortune 500 deal

I made sure that they had a small but ample market cap of over $1M, volume over 10M shares a day, a functioning and competently designed website. All of these measures evidence of existing interest, possession of market liquidity, and the know how to sell to customers and investors.

I have to say the name Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions also caught my eye, as AI is an important and rapidly growing market and early entrants are going to help bring it to fruition. The name also speaks a lot to expert branding and foresight about how to frame the company to bring association with this emerging technology.

U.S. Department of Defense to invest in Artificial Intelligence technologies

There are a special set of attributes that influence the success of tech companies. Stocks like Tesla (TSLA) and Palantir (PLTR) emerged as market heavyweights because of the social context and culture surrounding them, not on technical indicators alone.

People like tech stocks because their innovation brings forth new ideas to solve old problems in ways that most companies cannot. Ultimately the success of companies relies on an understanding of both technical indicators and investor psychology because it is people that put their faith in companies to invest their money.

One can derive a considerable set of inferences about the potential of a company through both technical and semantic indicators, the latter which you “know when you see it.” So, as a tech investor, here are the things that persuaded me to put a lot of time into researching this company’s potential.

Compelling and useful technology

Rarely does a new technology come to the market that has the potential to quickly and positively solve a substantial set of problems. Companies spend hundreds of billions on security and preventing theft with guards that are expensive and lack vigilance. It is unskilled labor that eats away at the profit margins of many companies.

A sensor array of AITX security infrastructure can provide complete coverage of a facility 24 hours a day. No bathroom or smoke breaks, no playing on their phone, no expensive pensions or overtime. Only vigilance, plus a deterrent effect through warnings that cameras alone cannot do.

There is a huge potential for contracts with hospitals (temperature and face mask screening) and government agencies, particularly transit. As someone who has witnessed (and experienced) several serious incidents on public subways over the past year, I would really have liked to have had a SCOT station there when things occurred.

I’m sure all the nurses and shift workers riding home or to work in the late evening or early morning hours would love to have that sense of security and potential lifeline. AITX will save lives and make people feel (and be) safer, and that is a powerful motivator for an ethical investor.

Steve alluded to a new product, Product G that is forthcoming. Perhaps it will get into the consumer market and offer home-based security solutions, possibly like Nest. I would love to have an AI-based security camera on my garage that would warn someone breaking into my garage that police will be called while I am sleeping.

The deterrent effect would be massive – My stuff stays safe, I don’t have to risk my personal safety by confronting thieves or armed robbers, who often don’t believe cameras work (or don’t see them) or can hide behind masks.

Potential to be a leader in emerging market niche

The OTC markets are filled with marijuana/cbd startups, mining companies, and small healthcare companies, as well as a lot of bad ideas. It is difficult to elbow your way into a market with dozens of other competitors that do the same thing. Being an early actor in AI security helps AITX define an entire new niche of the tech industry.

I am not certain as to all the patents they hold, but I would assume they own the rights to many of these innovations, and there would be enormous value to those intellectual property holders even if competitors were to emerge later. I would say the value of the IP would someday make it an acquisition target for a major tech company. The more product lines that they create, the more markets they can serve.

February is going to be good for AITX stockholders

RAD’s dealer network is growing. The latest PR details a Fortune 500 client, and Steve teasing a major announcement for February only adds to the fear of missing out. There is a lot of work that goes into procuring these clients, and once relationships are established, they tend to be durable. No doubt with this new injection of capital, Steve will go on a hiring binge for account and product reps that can help expand the client base.

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