Why you should sell Pfizer (PFE)

Shares of Pfizer (PFE) has surged on positive and hopeful vaccine data. However, the early data efficacy from this vaccine is still not guaranteed. Many are now questioning the vaccine results and timing of it’s data release.

On top of that, according to Bloomberg, funding for the vaccine was not granted by U.S. Operation Warp Speed (Pfizer is a supplier for potential vaccine for OWS) but through it’s partner BioNTech which received funding from the German government. How this vaccine would work is that the mRNA would create an immune response to the virus.

Pfizer (PFE) to continue trial

The trial will continue until it reaches 164 cases of Covid-19. At that point, the study will be complete and the results analyzed.

Why you should sell Moderna (MRNA)

While the early preliminary results offer some compelling evidence that the vaccine is effective, they don’t tell us with certainty just how effective it is. Clinical trials simply aren’t set up to do that. They can only allow scientists to make an estimate based on statistics — an estimate known as efficacy. The effectiveness of a vaccine can only be firmly determined once millions of people get it. But experts say that the preliminary data indicates that the effectiveness should be very high.

A few more open questions that need to be answered is if the vaccine would work for older people and children. According to the results, it does not tell us whether it would work for these two groups. It is expected that older people (60+) will get strong immune responses but specific data hasn’t come out about this yet. As far as with the children (-18), the company has began opening trials for this group and will continue to do so which can potentially reach children as young as 12 years old.

Pfizer (PFE) CEO sells 64% of shares

According to a Zerohedge, Pfizer Chief Executive Officer, Albert Bourla sold 64% of his shares on the vaccine surge. While the transaction was legal, the timing of such transaction may show that the vaccine results are indeed not guaranteed.

Relief Therapeutics (OTC:RLFTF): One therapeutic drug that could completely stop COVID-19

A small company known as Relief Therapeutics (OTC:RLFTF) is developing a therapeutic VIP drug called RLF-100 or Aviptadil, data going back decades has shown this drug to be highly effective. Now, the company is developing it for use in COVID-19 patients.

Their drug candidate works by using a multimodal mechanism of action that uniquely target the pathways (inhibition of viral replication, deterrence of inflammatory cytokines, prevention of cell death and upregulation of surfactant production) attacked by the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19), preventing acute lung injury (ALI) which potentially can stop the replication of the virus.

The company is now conducting Phase 3 and previous results and data shows that this drug is highly promising.

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