Pfizer (PFE) and iBio (IBIO) potential partnership in the works

Pfizer (PFE) CEO and chairman said in an article dated back in March that Pfizer is currently looking to expand it’s manufacturing capabilities:

“In this troubling time, Pfizer is committed to doing all we can to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies, including Pfizer, are working to develop antiviral therapies to help infected patients fight this emerging virus as well as new vaccines to prevent infection and halt the further spread of this disease. Pfizer is working to advance our own potential antiviral therapies and is engaged with BioNTech on a potential mRNA coronavirus vaccine. We are committed to work as one team across the industry to harness our scientific expertise, technical skills and manufacturing capabilities to combat this evolving crisis.”

Dr. Albert Bourla, Chairman and CEO of Pfizer

Why you should sell Pfizer (PFE)

Out of one of the 5 promises, one is Offering our manufacturing capabilities which states: “Once a therapy or vaccine is approved it will need to be rapidly scaled and deployed around the world to put an end to this pandemic. As one of the largest manufacturers of vaccines and therapeutics, Pfizer is committed to using any excess manufacturing capacity and to potentially shifting production to support others in rapidly getting these life-saving breakthroughs into the hands of patients as quickly as possible.”

Why iBio (IBIO) could be a great candidate for Pfizer (PFE)

iBio uses a platform called FastPharming Technology, which comes in two subcategories, Plant-based Manufacturing and Glycan Engineering. Plant-based manufacturing is able to shorten timelines to the clinic and can move a program from gene sequence to protein production in as little as three weeks. It has many more benefits which is in the image below.

Is iBio a good investment?

Yes, iBio is a good investment, based on all this information about FastPharming. I think this would be not only an investment for Covid-19 but beyond. As iBio continues to seek manufacturing contracts with other big vaccines companies iBio would play a big role in manufacturing the vaccines in record breaking time.

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