Ever-Glory International (EVK) see’s enormous gains

Ever-Glory International (EVK) is seeing enormous gains on Thursday despite no new news about the company. Nothing new is happening at the firm, but today it does not stop heavy EVK trading.

More than 61 million EVK shares have changed their hands by this writing. The company usually only has about 34,000 shares traded on average every day for reference.

Every-Glory International (EVK): Here’s what you need to know

  • Ever-Glory International is a fashion company based out of Nanjing, China.
  • The company focuses on its “middle-to-high end casual wear, outerwear, and sportswear brands.”
  • That includes several brands focused on women.
  • They are La go go, Velwin, Sea To Sky, and Idole.
  • Ever-Glory currently operates a total of 1,038 retail locations in China.
  • The company also provides its services to other retailers through its supply chain.
  • Ever-Glory’s apparel comes from its two manufacturing factories in Nanjing.
  • It also purchases some completed products from contract manufacturers.
  • The company started trading publicly in the U.S. in July 2008 on the former American Stock Exchange.
  • It then made the switch over to the Nasdaq on Dec. 31, 2014.
  • The company’s current market capitalization is sitting at $51.83 million.
  • It’s led by chairman, president and CEO Yihua Kang, who joined the company in 1993 as the head of its Goldenway Nanjing Garments subsidiary.
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