AgeX (AGE) surges 260% on Juvenescence stake

AgeX (AGE) surges 260% on Juvenescence taking a 50% stake in the public company, according to a regulatory filing.

On September 15, Juvenescence announced additional advance of $1M to the company, under new facility, resulting in issue of a warrant to purchase 588,235 common shares at an exercise price of $0.85.

Juvenescence 50% stake represents 21.2M common shares, of which 16.4M is held directly, 150k shares via exercise of warrant issued in August 2019 under the Loan Agreement, ~2.5M from potential exercise of warrants issued in the new facility and an additional 2.2M shares that may be issued upon conversion of outstanding amounts under the New Facility.

Should you buy AgeX (AGE) stock?

Shares of AgeX (AGE) appear to be a very good investment option, the Money Midnight Indicator is expecting its price to increase considerably in the next several months. The majority of the metrics point to this investment being highly attractive.

Tim Rolle
Tim Rolle

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