HPQ Silicon Resources (OTC: URAGF) continues impressive growth

HPQ Silicon Resources (OTC: URAGF, TSX: HPQ) is a resource company that is focusing on becoming a producer of nano silicon materials, and nanowires for use in silicon metal applications in diverse global market industrial sectors.

HPQ Silicon Resources are working with Pyrogenesis on a game changing technology. Pyrogenesis is an advanced plasma company that has contracts with the US military and many more companies.

Now over a decade ago, there was a company named Timminco who claimed to be able to do what HPQ is seeking out to do and it went from a penny stock all the way to $30. The issue this company had is that they could not scale on an industrial scale.

This was the place where Timminco Ltd., until recently a little-known producer of low-grade industrial metals, said it had solved the solar industry’s supply problem. Here, in Bécancour, it had developed a proprietary process to produce solar-grade silicon much more cheaply than anyone else. That promise had propelled Timminco shares from less than 30 cents to more than $22 by the end of 2007, earning it plaudits as the top-performing stock on the Toronto Stock Exchange that year. The company’s market value would soon surpass $3.5-billion.

The solar and battery industries are continually growing, and HPQ Silicone Resources, like Timminco, are saying that they are able to produce solar-grade silicon at a much cheaper cost than current methods.

On a small scale, HPQ Silicone Resources has shown that they are able to produce 2N to 4N silicon from low quality quartz metal which is incredible and will change the game forever, if they are able to produce it on an industrial scale.

While there were many delays, the pilot plant is built and we have yet to hear their latest findings.

In the mean time, they have 2 NDA’s signed with other companies in regards to their product. Many are hoping its Tesla. Could be, but it’s not necessary for HPQ’s success. Being able to convert low quality quartz into 4N silicon on a large scale will change the solar industry forever, making it much more affordable.

HPQ also has a partnership with a French solar company Apollon. Their latest press release suggests they will also be working on another industry:

HPQ and Apollon Solar Extend Agreement to Work on Porous Silicon for Batteries and Expand Collaboration to Include Hydrogen Production

The addition of manufacturing hydrogen by hydrolysis to our collaboration opens up a new and unique business opportunity that could represent a second multibillion-dollar addressable market for the PUREVAPTM Nano Silicon (Si) Reactor (“NSiR”) nanopowders.”

Should you invest in HPQ Silicon Resources (OTC: URAGF)?

Shares of HPQ Silicon Resources (OTC: URAGF) appear to be a very good investment option, the Money Midnight Indicator is expecting its price to increase considerably in the next couple years. The majority of the metrics point to this investment being attractive.

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