Unity Technologies (U) set to IPO in the upcoming weeks

Unity Technologies (U) is expected to IPO on Monday, according to recent research. Unity Technologies’ IPO prospectus also reveals the company’s revenue jumped 42 percent to $541.8 million in 2019. But it made a $163.2 million loss that year, which increased from a $131.6 million loss in the previous year. Its revenue jumped 39 percent in the first half of 2020 to $351.3 million.

Who owns Unity Technologies (U) Software?

Unity Software counts private equity firms Sequoia Capital and Silver Lake among its major institutional shareholders. Sequoia owns 24.1 percent of the company, while Silver Lake owns 18.2 percent. The other institutional shareholder in Unity is JA Technologies, with a stake of 8.2 percent. 

Unity’s executives and board of directors also have substantial stakes in the company. For example, Unity CEO John Riccitiello owns a 3.4 percent stake in the business, while cofounder and board member David Helgason has a 4.4 percent stake. Collectively, Unity executives and directors own 34.2 percent of the company. As of June this year, Unity Technologies had a total of 782 shareholders.

What is Unity Technologies (U) stock price?

Unity Technologies has yet to price its stock for the coming IPO. It has promised to price the IPO and disclose the number of shares on offer at a later date. On pricing, however, Unity’s IPO filing offers some clues. The company reports in its IPO prospectus that it sold preferred stocks for $20 to $22 per share between May 2019 and April 2020, and that it raised $375 million in the process.

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