Amergent Hospitality Group (AMHG): Formerly Chanticleer Holdings, begins trading

Amergent Hospitality Group (AMHG) formerly known as Chanticleer Holdings (BURG) has just begun trading on OTC exchange. The ticker Symbol is AMHG.

The former company Chanticleer Holdings (BURG) has gone through a reverse merger with Sonnet BioTherapeutics (SONN) in order for the now merged company to list on the public exchange. BURG shares has turned into SONN shares.

The merged company focuses on therapeutics and is lead by former Outlook Therapeutics (OTLK) executive Pankaj Mohan.

What is Amergent Hospitality Group (AMHG)

Amergent Hospitality Group is spun-off from Sonnet BioTherapeutics and Chanticleer Holdings’ reverse merger.

The company owns big fast food burger chains which includes Hooters, American Burger Co, Little Big Burgers, and Burgers Grilled Right.

Should you invest in Amergent Hospitality Group (AMHG)?

Shares of Amergent Hospitality Group (AMHG) appear to be a very good investment option, the Money Midnight Indicator is expecting its price to increase considerably in the next several months. The majority of the metrics point to this investment being highly attractive.

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Jay Lorrence
Jay Lorrence

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