Why Novan (NOVN) skyrocketed 7% today and is poised for hyper growth

Novan (NOVN) is a biotechnology company, which engages in leveraging nitric oxide’s natural antiviral and immunomodulatory mechanisms of action to treat dermatological and oncovirus-mediated diseases. Its products pipeline include SB204, SB206, SB208, and SB414. 

July 16 2020 Update: Patent has been filed

Today NOVN’s stock has received enormous volume in the morning half of trading and is a result of recent news on June 29, 2020, Life Sciences Companies Investor Presentations Now Available for On-Demand Viewing. Individual and institutional investors as well as advisors are invited to log-on to LifeSciencesInvestorForum.com to view presentations. You can read further details here.

Novan (NOVN) Analysis

Over the past month, 1 analyst gave Novan a BUY rating, 1 analyst recommended the stock to HOLD, 0 of the polled Analysts rating the stock and 0 of the polled analysts gave a SELL. SELL rating was given by 1 analyst.

The moving company average for the 100-day period was estimated at 0.4339, according to the Barchart.com data, with a price shift of -0.0390. The price was noted. Similarly, for the last 100 days, Novan Inc. reported a drop of – 7.08% with 15,229,777 trading volumes.

Novan Inc.’s Raw Stochastic average is set at 32.52% in the past 50 days. The effect is a drop in the last 20 days, which was 40.05%, relative to the previous Raw Stochastic value. The Stochastic percentage K in the last 20 days has been 24.95% and Stochastic percentage D has been recorded at 21.96%.

Now several moving patterns are noted in view of the stocks mentioned earlier. Thanks to the fact that the metric has been reported – 84.04 percent – the valuation of the company ‘s share appears to be motivating. Furthermore, stock exchange over the last six months has declined considerably by -22,40% along with a decline of -82,55% over the last 12 months. The shares in the 7-day schedules increased by approx. -0.71% and decreased by 21.84% in the last 30 days. Over the last reported quarter, common stock shares were lifted by 17.19%.

Novan (NOVN) Results

According to the presentation,

Top-line efficacy results announced January 2020
− SB206 was near statistical significance for the primary endpoint in B-SIMPLE2, and was
statistically significant for the secondary endpoint and multiple pre-specified sensitivity
− Similar analyses with B-SIMPLE1 demonstrated the trial is reasonably consistent and
supportive of B-SIMPLE2
− In an integrated analysis of the two pivotal trials, SB206 demonstrated a statistically significant
complete clearance rate at Week 12
Safety results announced in March 2020
− Treatment emergent adverse events (“TEAEs”) profile found to be favorable for SB206
− Subjects treated with SB206 showed a lower occurrence of scarring through the Week 24 visit
when compared to vehicle

Novan (NOVN): What’s coming next?

Based on guidance the Company received during the meeting and subsequently contained within the meeting minutes, Novan is preparing to conduct one additional pivotal trial (“B-SIMPLE4”), which, if successful, could be supported by the previously completed B-SIMPLE2 trial in a future NDA.

Novan has begun the planning and start-up phase for B-SIMPLE4 and is targeting enrolling the first patient for B-SIMPLE4 in September 2020, and if the trial is initiated on this timetable, the Company would expect top-line efficacy results late in the second quarter of 2021.
Note: This may vary depending on COVID-19

Novan (NOVN) Financial Overview

Novan (NOVN)
Screengrab from official presentation

Is Novan (NOVN) a reliable investment?

Novan’s goal is becoming the world’s leader in nitric oxide-based science, technology, and clinical translation in support of delivering safe and efficacious therapies

  • NitricilTM technology platform allows stable, tunable,
    and targeted delivery of therapeutic quantities of Nitric Oxide
  • Over 3,400 patients worth of clinical data
    demonstrating anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory
  • Significant potential market opportunity with SB206 for
    the treatment of molluscum contagiosum; no FDA
    approved Rx treatments
  • Near-term major inflection point: SB206 Phase 3
    B-SIMPLE4 top line results targeted for late 2Q 20211
  • Pre-clinical anti-viral opportunities in COVID-19 and
    Women’s Health
  • Additional late-stage dermatology and therapeutic area

Shares of Novan (NOVN) appear to be a very good investment option, the Money Midnight Indicator is expecting its price to increase considerably in the next several months. The majority of the metrics point to this investment being highly attractive.

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