Urban One (UONE): Massively soars another +50%


Urban One, Inc. is a Silver Spring, Maryland-based American media conglomerate. Founded in 1980 by Cathy Hughes, the company primarily operates media properties targeting African Americans.

Urban One (UONE) up +50%

It seems to be benefiting from a perfect storm of opportunity: Calls to “buy Black” have resulted in new investments in Black-owned and focused businesses in the wake of protests over the killing of George Floyd, and Urban One has experienced a flood of new retail-investor interest amid the momentum – combined with a generally upbeat market that’s talking overall recovery.

Urban One previously soared +50% a few weeks ago, due to rallies and protest of black Americans, stocks related to black business has been making all time highs and could lead to other black businesses to potentially to rise higher, such as Broadway Financial Corporation (BYFC) a black owned bank holdings company.

Jake Page
Jake Page

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