Novan (NOVN) to reach price target of $1.50

Shares of Novan (NOVN) has gone up in anticipation of today’s investor meeting. Analysts all around Wall Street, has a synced agreed price target of $1.50.

This interactive investor forum allows public and private companies, together with industry experts, to meet and present directly to tens of thousands of active investors – all without leaving their office.

Unique Features of the Life Sciences Investor Forum:

  • Largest online investor conference series dedicated to the Life Sciences industry
  • Presentations from top executives and experts from the Life Sciences industry, with live Q&A
  • Attendees can participate in live events or watch on demand
  • No travel required for presenters or attendees

Novan (NOVN) and Investor Forums

The aims of the Investor Forum are simply stated: to make the case for long-term investment approaches and to create an effective model for collective engagement with companies.

An average of more than 10,000 active investors attend Life Sciences Investor Forum. The live Q&A session is scheduled to go live at 2PM EST today.

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