Aytu Bioscience (AYTU): UV Light breaks up coronavirus particles within seconds

Aytu Bioscience (AYTU)’s Healight can be a real winner for fighting the coronavirus known as COVID-19. According to a recent study by Boston University found that UV light can degrade the virus particles within seconds.

Another company called Signify is also developing something similar to Aytu Bioscience.

 UV light particles are capable of disrupting virus DNA chains, rendering them ineffective.

“We knew that it (UV light) was effective against viruses in general, but we didn’t know if it was the case with Covid-19 so we worked with Boston University,” Rondolat said. “We carried out the tests many, many times and the metrics are quite interesting.”

Rondolat said the company’s UV light is able to eradicate 96% of the coronavirus with three seconds of exposure. That goes up to 99% for six seconds of exposure.

“It’s a preventive measure, meaning we are disinfecting objects, environments, surfaces, and the air,” said Rondolat, adding that schools, offices, hospitals, warehouses and manufacturing plants will all need to be disinfected in the future.

Retailers could also use a UV light chamber to disinfect clothes after people have tried them on, he said.

The discovery could provide a new revenue stream for Signify, which saw its revenues fall by 15% in the first quarter.

Jake Page
Jake Page

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