Sonnet BioTherapeutics (SONN) is at a Discount, why you should buy

Sonnet Biotherapeutics (SONN) is at a discount right now and is perfect for a chance to buy this sleeping giant. There is a possibility that they could have a coronavirus treatment under way.

Altru Institute has published a report on their first ever pick of their new initiative, out of all other options they choose to report on Sonnet Biotherapeutics, this is a very bullish sign.

Sonnet BioTherapeutics stock rose a total of 191% in the first hours of trading the week. Analysts predict that it could have another run but this time above $25. This could happen as early as the last weeks of this current month.

Analysts believe this will happen because they measured the distance of days between last spikes and it averaged 13 days.

Sonnet BioTherapeutics (SONN) Analysis

The stock is currently trading at $5.78 per share with an open of $6.00 and a high of $6.30. Previous close was $6.05 and today’s low sits at $5.70.

Volume over the last 3 months averaged 597.91K shares with 378.21K shares traded today. The 52 week high is $76 with a 52 week low of $4. Analysts predict that this stock will hit in a range of $25-$33 in the coming weeks. The stock has a free float of $9 Million shares, a free float market of $52 million shares with a turnover percentage of 4.13%.

The recent order flow of SONN has been leaning towards an outflow of money.

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