Novan (NOVN): New infectious and fatal bird flu virus puts this stock ahead

Right now Novan (NOVN) is the best stock to get into right now. Despite having a coronavirus pandemic there is more problems we’re facing and this makes more opportunities to profit.

There are now reports of another infectious and fatal strain of the bird flu virus, cases first appeared in North and South Carolina with over 10,000+ turkeys euthanized. Apparently USDA has been working with scientists and farmers for months.

Novan’s (NOVN) Nitric Oxide treatment for bird flu

The bird flu confirmed to be multiple strains in which nitric oxide could potentially have an effect and be a possible treatment.

Since this may be a treatment there are options for health officials to see if this also has any affect on the current pandemic. Officials stated that they are now conducting clinical trials for COVID-19.

We also know that Nitric Oxide can be used for all sorts of respiratory issues.

Tim Rolle
Tim Rolle

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