Novan (NOVN): approve Nitric Oxide clinical trials

It has recently come to the attention of the health officials that they should start Nitric Oxide clinical trials, Novan (NOVN) can benefit from this.

Doctors at the University of Alabama are currently enrolling patients as we speak and conducting international clinical trials to find out if inhaled nitric oxide benefits those with COVID-19.

Novan (NOVN) nitric oxide covid19

There are no approved treatments for COVID-19 using nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is very effective to treating failing lungs and most of the other respiratory illnesses. It’s also shown in 2002-2003 that nitric oxide has anti-viral properties against coronaviruses, similarly to the SARS outbreak.

In humans, nitric oxide is generated within the blood vessels and regulates blood pressure, and prevents the formation of clots and also destroys potential toxins.

Dr. Pankaj Arora, Assistant Professor

Inhaled nitric oxide has been pursued as a COVID-19 therapy by several others and is undergoing clinical trials in China.

These companies include:

  • Novan (NOVN)
  • Bellerophon Therapeutics (BLPH)
  • Mallinckrodt (MNK)
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