Capricor Therapeutics (CAPR): Up 180% on successful Coronavirus COVID-19 treatment

Capricor Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CAPR) engages in the discovery, development and commercialization of first-in-class biological therapies for the treatment and prevention of diseases. Its product candidate consists of CAP-1002, Cenderitide, Exosomes, CAP-1001, CU-NP and CSps.

The Stock has risen 180% on successful coronavirus COVID-19 treatment with a patient survival rate of 100% during experimental drug usage.

Today’s press release by the company states that they have attained new data with a survive rate of 100% for it’s coronavirus COVID-19 treatment. It’s lead candidate is CAP-1001.

The Press release reads:

Over the course of one month, six critically ill COVID-19 patients, all suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and five of whom were on mechanical ventilatory support, were safely treated with CAP-1002. Of the six patients treated, four of them have been discharged. Following a review of the available data, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Company’s expanded access protocol to treat up to 20 additional COVID-19 patients. There is also a randomized, placebo-controlled trial planned to treat patients with moderate and severe disease which is intended to be funded by non-equity capital.

This is great news that the drug shows efficacy in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). According to this ground breaking treatment here is a statement from the CEO of Capricor:

As the global medical community continues to come together in its battle against COVID-19, the results of our initial compassionate care cases are extremely promising and what we had anticipated. We look forward to continuing to treat additional patients under our recently approved expanded access program Investigational New Drug application, CAP-1002 is an easy-to-deliver intravenous therapy that has been administered successfully to over 150 patients to date. Given its novel mechanism of action, it could be a potential game-changer in helping countless COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Linda Marbán, Ph.D., CEO, Capricor Therapeutics. 

Capricor Therapeutics (CAPR)’s Massive breakthrough

This remains a massive breakthrough for the company’s treatment for coronavirus COVID-19. Publications are getting ready to publish more innformation and as they do there is still plenty of upside left.

Capricor Therapeutics is also in works with Cedars Sinai. Cedars Sinai is known for their “Healight” technology which they distributed to Aytu Biosciences (AYTU) for potential treatment of COVID-19 within the body & lungs.

Both of these tremendous companies are in the running to become a leader in the treatment space and both of these companies are highly attractive investments for investors and analysts alike.

Jay Lorrence
Jay Lorrence

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