Aytu Biosciences (AYTU)’s Breakthrough Treatment: Treats Coronavirus (COVID-19) with special UV Healight

Aytu Biosciences (AYTU), a small company in Englewood Colorado, has announced Monday that it has entered into a partnership with Cedars-Sinai, a non-profit organization.

The ultra-violet light treatment involves injecting the lungs of an infected patient with UVA light. All the other bad dangerous light gets filtered out through a special strategy used by Cedars-Sinai.

This technique will be used by inserting the light through a breathing tube and into the lungs of the infected patient.

Go to the official Aytu Biosciences Healight page to see the procedures of how this device will work.

Aytu Biosciences (AYTU) Breakthrough Treatment

If this shows some efficacy and actually work, Aytu Bioscience will easily become the leader in Coronavirus treatment.

On the premise of this breakthrough method, Aytu has secured another exclusive distributor license for a rapid serology test developed by Biolidics.

Under the terms of the Agreement, Aytu will exclusively distribute Biolidics’ COVID-19 IgG/IgM rapid antibody test in the United States. Aytu has committed to purchase 500,000 tests within one business day from the date of signing of the Agreement. As an additional component of Aytu’s exclusivity, the Company has committed to purchase a minimum of 1,250,000 tests within the first three months of the Agreement.

Biolidics’ COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test has been issued Provisional Authorization for distribution by Singapore’s Health Science’s Authority (HSA), and the product has been authorized for export from Singapore. Biolidics’ COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test will be supplied from Biolidics’ facility in Singapore.

Aytu will collaborate with Biolidics and lead the U.S. clinical trials processes and plans to complete and obtain U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) 510k regulatory filing clearance of the COVID-19 IgG/IgM rapid test kits.

Aytu Biosciences (AYTU) Partner: Cidars-Sinai

Cidars-Sinai and Aytu Bioscience will continue their joint partnership to develop and commercialize the novel product.

Cedars-Sinai is a nonprofit academic healthcare organization serving the diverse Los Angeles community and beyond. With pioneering medical research achievements, education programs defining the future of healthcare, and wide-ranging community benefit activities, we’re setting new standards for quality and innovation in patient care. 

Cedars-Sinai serves more than 1 million people each year in over 40 locations, with more than 4,500 physicians and nurses and 1,500 research projects in motion. What never changes is our commitment to be a blessing for those in need. 

Conclusion: Should you invest in Aytu Biosciences (AYTU)?

Shares of Aytu Bioscience, overall, appear to be a solid investment option, with Wall Street analysts expecting its price to rise considerably in the next 12 months. This company is expected to generate high value from the commercializing products and other capital it has available. The majority of the metrics point to this investment being highly attractive.

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